Sedation Dentistry

sedation dentist - BurlesonOur dentists and support staff take every measure to ensure that patients feel well cared for, respected, and safe at Alsbury Dental in Burleson, TX. One way we cater to those in our care is by offering various levels of sedation dentistry. For any number of reasons, some people feel more comfortable when under the effects of dental sedation.

Is Sedation Right for You?

To determine whether you would benefit from sedation during your dental procedures, take this brief quiz:

  1. Do you feel stressed, anxious, or scared when scheduling a dental appointment, travelling to the office, entering the lobby or treatment room, sitting in the dental chair, or seeing the dentist?
  2. Does having the dental assistant’s or dentist’s hands in your mouth make you uncomfortable, mentally or physically?
  3. When you visit the dentist, do you think about a previous negative experience that occurred at a dental office or with your oral health?
  4. Do you worry about experiencing pain or discomfort during dental procedures?
  5. Do you avoid or postpone dental visits?
  6. Does holding your mouth open for dental treatment cause pain in your jaw, face, neck, or shoulders?
  7. Does lying in the dental chair make your back, neck, or body ache?
  8. Do you have a sensitive gag reflex?
  9. Do you have a condition that physically or mentally interferes with having dental treatments?
  10. Do you want to have many procedures performed during one session that will require hours of sitting in the dental chair?

We have decided to offer safe and effective sedation dentistry so that our patients – that’s you – can experience dental visits without anxiety. If you answered “yes” to one or more of the questions above, talk with your dentist about sedation options. It is possible to remain completely at ease, enjoying peace of body and mind, throughout your dental treatments.

Types of Sedation

The kind of sedative that’s right for you will depend upon the level of relaxation necessary to put you at ease. For some, nitrous oxide (laughing gas) provides sufficient effects. Nitrous oxide is a gas administered through a mask placed over the nose. One major benefit is that when we administer the gas, it works immediately. When we stop administering it, the effects subside almost instantly. Therefore, the patient can resume all normal daily activities, including driving, following the visit.

Oral sedation, sometimes combined with nitrous oxide, provides a deeper relaxation and has lingering effects. The dentist will advise you to take the medication, a pill, about an hour before your procedure, so you will be fully under its effects during treatment. With oral sedation, it is necessary that the patient have a driver escort to and from the dental office. The patient cannot drive and should not attempt to work or engage in activities outside the home on the day of dental treatment.

IV sedation is the deepest type of sedative we offer in the office, and it too requires an escort driver. IV sedation has been called twilight sedation because under its influence, patients feel as if they are in a twilight state. Through a vein, enough sedative is administered to put the patient into a dazed state. We do not offer general sedation, which would put the patient “under” or completely asleep. It is possible for patients to fall asleep while under oral or IV sedation, but these sedatives do not cause sleep. With IV sedation, as with oral sedation, patients report remembering little or nothing of their office visit.

About Dental Anxiety

According to WebMD, up to 20% of people avoid the dentist due to fear. Dental anxiety is real, and we can see its effects in the fact that only 50% of the population visit the dentist annually. Half of the population also suffer from some level of gum disease, a condition that has serious overall health implications. Neglecting dental care has serious implications. Our dentists and staff respect the reality of dental phobia. We know that it is real, and we’re doing all we can to help people deal with the issue. Sedation dentistry is a highly effective means of treating dental anxiety so that our patients can safely and confidently receive the dental care they need, without suffering mental and physical stress.

Level 3 Certified for Sedation Dentistry

Dr. Foust and Dr. Davis are Level 3 Certified to administer IV sedation in our office. They’ve undergone the training necessary to safely deliver intravenous sedatives according to standards set by the state authorities. You can rest assured, at Alsbury Dental, you will be in experienced hands, under the care of trained and caring experts.

Talk to Us

If you have any concerns about visiting the dentist, or if you routinely avoid or postpone dental treatments, call our Burleson, Tx dental office at (817) 295-3070 and ask about sedation dentistry. We provide compassionate, professional dental care to patients from Crowley, Rendon, and South Ft. Worth. Whether it’s time for your checkup or you’ve allowed your dental health to fall into a dire state due to dental phobia, please give us a chance to help you. We respect your situation and can help you, so call us now.