young dental assistant smiling and standing close to the chairYour family will be in excellent hands at Alsbury Dental in Burleson, TX. Our dentists and team members are well trained in clinical dentistry, and provide a wide range of dental services. We also pride ourselves on patient care, so our goal is 100% patient satisfaction. Based on how often our patients refer their friends and family, we’re doing a great job at meeting that goal!

One of the ways we’ll take care of you and your loved ones is by staying on top of the latest evidence-based treatments, technology, and materials in dentistry. We regularly attend training and stay abreast of advances in dental science, then bring what we find to be the best of the best into our practice for you.

Some of the dental services we provide include:

Dental Implants

For patients who have lost one, many, or all of their natural teeth, implants pose a solid and lifelike option for replacement. Unlike bridges and partials, implants don’t require support from remaining healthy teeth. Instead, they anchor to the jawbone, just as natural teeth do. Because of this, dental implants offer strength and support unmatched by any other prosthetic. In addition, four to six strategically placed implants can hold a denture in place, eliminating any potential for looseness, slippage, or dislodging. If you need replacement teeth or struggle with a conventional denture, discuss dental implants with the dentist at your next appointment. They could change your life!

Accelerated Adult Orthodontics

Adults no longer have to choose between blaring metal braces that tarnish a professional, sophisticated image or crooked teeth that look less than attractive. Now, crooked teeth can be inconspicuously and quickly straightened with various methods of accelerated adult orthodontic therapies. At Alsbury Dental, we offer the popular and effective Invisalign clear aligner system, which straightens teeth in 9 to 18 months without brackets and wires. We also offer Six Month Smiles, a system of clear brackets and nickel-colored wires that blend against tooth enamel. In about six months, this system straightens most cases of misalignment in front teeth.

General Dentistry

Your entire family, kids to grandparents, will receive age-appropriate dental care in our office. From checkups and cleanings to restorations and prosthetics, our services encompass a wide range of procedures that address nearly everything you’ll need in a lifetime. We also place great importance on patient education for preventive dentistry. Due to access of care and advances in knowledge, patients who take good care of their teeth have a good chance of retaining their natural teeth throughout life. This was not true in previous generations. Our team is committed to partnering with you, and your children, for great oral health now and in the future.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Another modern development in dentistry is cosmetic procedures. Today, white, straight teeth are considered part of a healthy, attractive appearance – more so than ever before. However, genetics, external factors, accidents, and health issues can steal a smile’s beauty. If your teeth would benefit from whitening treatment, tooth-colored fillings or crowns, reshaping, realigning, or your gums are uneven or overgrown, talk with one of our dentists about cosmetic dentistry. We offer an array of simple, effective, long-lasting solutions to correct various flaws, so you can enjoy the confidence that comes with a beautiful smile.

Sedation Dentistry

People who feel anxious, scared, or stressed when faced with dental visits can now enjoy peace of mind with sedation dentistry. If you have a sensitive gag reflex, dislike the feeling of a dentist’s hands in your mouth, suffer from TMJ dysfunction, or simply feel uncomfortable in a dental chair, sedation may be a good option for you. It also works well for people undergoing many hours of dental work, or for those who have certain mental or physical disorders. We offer various types of sedation, so talk with your dentist to determine the best option for your situation.

Same-Day Crowns

Short on time? Dental crowns have been a hassle for many decades, because they require multiple visits – and a temporary crown can break or fall out between visits, necessitating an emergency trip to the dentist. Those days are past. Now, at Alsbury Dental, you can receive an all-porcelain, custom-made dental crown in one visit. The same day that the dentist says you need a crown, you’ll leave the office with your final restoration in place. We’ve integrated exciting 3D CAD CAM technology into our practice to make this time-saving service a reality, because our patients – you – are worth it!

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