Preventive Dentistry

Parents Giving Children Piggyback Ride In Garden Smiling To CameraAt Alsbury Dental we believe strongly that preventive dentistry is the best way help you and your family maintain healthy, happy smiles.

Everyone needs to visit the dentist for a checkup and cleaning twice a year, according to the American Dental Academy. At your checkup, we’ll use our caries detection scanner to look for tooth decay and visually inspect each tooth in your mouth. In addition to cavities, things like chips, cracks, enamel erosion, tartar buildup, crowding, and other issues may develop. By finding and treating dental problems in the early stage, we’ll help you avoid serious conditions that could cause pain and significant damage. Should you grind your teeth, snore, or notice pain in your jaws, please let the dentist know so that we can discuss treatments options for these potentially harmful situations.

At your cleanings, the hygienist will remove plaque, food debris, and calcified tartar from on and between your teeth, to reduce your risk for gum disease. Early gum disease, gingivitis, can advance into periodontitis, a serious condition that causes tooth loss. The bacteria that contribute to gum disease are also linked to heart disease, stroke, diabetes complications, low birth weight, cognitive issues, and other serious health conditions. Dental cleanings, therefore, are extremely important. Approximately half of all Americans develop some form of gum disease during their life, and the condition is chronic.

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