If you have dental insurance, we want to help you maximize your benefits. After all, you work hard for your earnings and deserve to receive the most for your efforts. Your best interests are always at the center of what we do. Please bring your current insurance card and valid identification to your dental visit in our Burleson, TX office.

We are in network with many insurance companies, which are listed below. This means that we will file directly with them by submitting your billing and records. We’ll estimate the portion they will pay us on your behalf, and you’ll be responsible for the balance. Our estimates are usually accurate, because they are based on information the insurance companies provide. Your portion of the bill, the balance, will be due at your appointment, before you leave the office. We accept many methods of payment, including cash, check, most major credit cards, and some financing options.

If your insurance provider is not on our list, please let us know. We will be happy to bill your provider on your behalf, or help you submit the billing and records, so that you can receive direct reimbursement.

In-Network Insurances

At Alsbury Dental, we accept most PPO plans. Feel free to call our office if you have any questions!

About Dental Insurance Policies

Please be aware how your insurance policy works. It is a contract between you and your insurance provider and, if it is through an employer, then the contract is also with your employer. We are an outside party, not part of your contract. We will do all we can to support that the insurance company pays what the agreed upon amount of your dental bills. However, all we can do is submit and resubmit our billing and your dental records, along with dentist notes. If the insurance company refuses all or part of payment, the balance due falls back to you, because you are our patient. Again, we will work with you diligently to maximize your benefits.

Un-Covered Dental Treatments

Dental and medical insurance are very different, yet dental care is as important as medical care. Research has proven that dental health contributes to overall health. Oral bacteria and disease have  been linked to increased risk for heart disease, respiratory issues, stroke, diabetes complications, low-weight births, Alzheimer’s disease, dementia, and research is ongoing. While dental insurance usually cleanings and checkups twice a year, restorations and replacement teeth (including dental implants) are only covered at a small percentage, by most policies. However, restorative and prosthetic dentistry are vital to health, quality of life, and self-image. If you need dental work and do not have insurance or the un-covered portion is more than what your budget will allow, consider applying for CareCredit or financing your care by credit card with a low interest rate. We vow to do our part to keep dental fees reasonable, without compromising quality of care.

Usual, Customary, and Reasonable (UCR) Fees

Insurance companies have a list of what is called usual, customary, and reasonable, or UCR, fees. The UCR fees are supposed to be set according to a survey of dentists in a particular region. We don’t know which clinics, offices, or practices are surveyed, or what standard of care they maintain. It is widely known that insurance companies are out to make a significant profit – and that’s the nature of the insurance business. They charge high premiums and pay out as little as possible to the doctors. However, Alsbury Dental will never, ever compromise any part, not even the smallest part, of patient care, in an effort to increase our profit margins. We will, however, do all that we can to keep our profits reasonable, while maintaining our high level of care, contemporary technology, quality materials and lab restorations, and our staff’s continuing education.

Call Us for Answers

Do you have questions about dental insurance? We have answers! Call our Burleson, Tx dentist office at 817-295-3070. Patients from across South Ft. Worth, including families from Crowley, Rendon, and surrounding communities, call Alsbury Dental their preferred practice. We will look forward to giving you a reason to do the same!